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4 Major Tips When Buying Furniture

While furniture shopping may be stressful in terms of finding your perfect fit, let’s not forget how fun the process is of figuring out what your furnished home will look like!

There are thousands of furniture companies that have in store inventory as well as online. Here at KD’s Furniture, Mattresses & Appliances we have both. We have our furniture store located at 2918 Eastway Dr, Charlotte NC 28205. Not only do we carry furniture, mattresses and appliances in our store but we do have a website where you could order what you’re looking for.

When looking to buy furniture, we can give you a few tips to always remember:

1. Consider your lifestyle. Let the way you live and want to live help you choose what colors and fabrics you might want in your home. Another reason as to why we say consider your lifestyle is because many of us have pets. Whether small or large, almost all pets love to climb up on furniture, so choose your colors and fabrics carefully.

2. Be real. What do we mean by be real? Well, as we know our style in clothes always changes and so does our style/opinions in everything else. Make sure your choosing colors or even a specific style that won’t make you sick of seeing it in your home everyday. You want to make sure you buy something that not only you will love for a long time but also that will last.

3. Be the Inspector. You may not want to be “that” person in the store but when it comes to buying something of value, you must always make sure it doesn’t have any issues with it. Many of us would prefer a new car versus a used old car. So make sure you’re doing the same with your furniture. Always inspect the legs, check the springs, and test out the cushions. Take a seat in every part of the couch if you’re in the store, sit on all of the chairs, etc. Just always remember to test it out before buying!

4. Be transparent. Always remember that if you’re stepping into a store that cares about your needs and wants, they will work with you. Here at KD’s Furniture, Mattresses & Appliances, we value our customers and always try to make sure they are taken care of to the best of our ability. Need help with the price? We have finance options. All you need to do is put down $49the day of and not worry about interest payments for 90 days.

We hope these 4 major tips help you in your process of buying furniture. Here at KD’s Furniture, Mattresses & Appliances we want to make sure we can help you all whether it’s by selling you some of our furniture, mattresses and appliances or by helping you throughout your process of getting ready to furnish your home or add on certain items.

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